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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

CSIRO Diabetes Diet & Lifestyle - Preview

The CSIRO Diabetes and Diet and Lifestyle Plan.  Worth adding to your collection?

An image of the cover of CSIRO and Baker IDI Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Plan.

Here on Australian TV this afternoon one of the main news channels covered a story on the new CSIRO Diet & Lifestyle book that has recently been launched.  The CSIRO has a number of diet and lifestyle books (two of which I own and have read) and this one is aimed predominantly at the diabetic community and those who may be at risk of diabetes.  So, in my opinion, a large proportion of the westernised world.

The free down loadable preview is available here and it contains 12 pages covering a basic introduction, some information on kilojoule (calorie) requirements, a sample weekly diet and one recipe.  I've read through it and offer the following advice to any potential buyers of the book.

Firstly, buyer beware.

I get the feeling that it (the CSIRO)  just can't help themselves to tell you about kilojoules (calories) and that to lose or regulate weight you need to eat fewer kilojoules and reduce your fat intake.  This mumbojumboo  claptrap only annoys and disappoints me.  It's not about the calories; it's not calories in versus calories out.  There are a lot of resources out here on the Internet that I would strongly suggest looking for.  You could start with one of the blogs I mention here on this page, and I will definitely make my next post about the calorie topic.

It's not all bad news, as there is some really good advice on shopping - making a list, shop with care, shop on the periphery.  All of these are sound advice.

Going through the sample weekly diet menu was a little disappointing because the diet suggestions for breakfast are basically a cereal and wheat feast with orange juice, cereal and toast with margarine all appearing almost each day.  On only one day does it suggest having one (I repeat ONE) poached egg and bacon never gets a look in.

However, although I think that the breakfast options are atrocious the other meals aren't too bad and the recipe offered in the down loadable preview looks good and is something I will try soon.

I will buy the book after taking a more detailed look at the weekly menu and meals and the recipes offered in the book.  So, like I said at the beginning, buyer beware. Remember, the CSIRO is a Government agency, the CSIRO Board is responsible and accountable to the Australian Government.  Therefore, they need to toe the line on the food pyramid.

Take care of your health until next time.

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